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Mattress Technology

Mattress Technology

Discover Recore Technology


Graphite Infusion

An active day deserves a cool, restful night. Graphite latex helps transfer heat away from your body quickly, helping you to stay cool while you sleep and recover.


SilverCharged® Thread

Naturally antimicrobial for a cleaner, better sleep surface. Silver-infused thread is woven throughout the machine-washable top cover with additional stretch and softness.


Performance Delivered

Easy to deliver, easy to maneuver through your hallways and into your bedroom. Then watch the Recore™ mattress expand to its full shape within minutes.


Full-Body Recovery

Performance Latex

Why does latex perform so well? Latex foam is chosen for both durable comfort and rapid-response contouring. It has a similar cushioning feel to memory foam and the spring-like resilience of innerspring. Recore is carefully calibrated to promote full musculoskeletal relief towards the goal of better body recovery.


Rich Cleanliness

Silver Antimicrobial Cover

No matter how active you have been during the day, your body requires a clean sleep surface to counteract organic microbial build-up from body moisture. SilverCharged® thread, woven into the distinctive performance cover, helps to disrupt the binary fission reproduction of bacteria on your mattress.


Infinite Circulation

Breathable Gel Foam

Millions of shock-absorbing air cushions dissipate body heat away from the bed and circulate fresh air around the central layer of the Recore™ mattress. New air channels are created with every little movement throughout the night thanks to next-generation Vortex® gel foam found only in this performance mattress.


Machine-Wash Approved

Washable Top Cover

Your mattress can feel as fresh as the first night in less than two hours. Without even needing to lift the mattress, you can easily unzip the upper section of the Recore™ cover and wash it regularly. The durable performance cover can be machine washed and dried, while the heavy-duty zipper makes it as simple as possible to refasten the cover back onto your mattress.


15-Year Warranty

Recore is protected under one of the most generous and comprehensive mattress warranties in Canada.


Free Returns

Risk-free, and we mean it. Returns are fast, free, and full. We will also arrange to pick up the mattress.


Made in Canada

Recore is entirely designed and assembled in Canada, made from many local materials by veteran mattress makers.


Champion Customer Care

Expert knowledge, readily available. Our Canadian-based support team is always ready to help you.

Maximum Comfort for Peak Performance


Don’t Put Off Good Sleep a Night Longer

Make a commitment to yourself to put overnight recovery as a top priority. A better sleep is just a click away.

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