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Extended Sleep Trial

Instead of ten minutes in a store, Recore™ gives you 120 nights to try the mattress at home and see if it delivers the results you expect. Returns are quick, free, and convenient.

How Our Sleep Trial Works

Experience Recore your way, and on your terms. If it doesn’t fit your needs, return it hassle-free for a full refund.


Step 1

Start Your Sleep Trial

Your trial begins the day your new mattress arrives at your door. Unbox and unroll it – your Recore mattress will be ready to sleep on the same night you open it.


Step 2

Sleep On It

By testing the mattress in your own home, you’ll soon be able to tell how Recore works for you. Most owners will experience excellent, restorative sleep from the beginning. Others might take a few weeks to fully adjust to a new sleep surface. Stay the course!


Step 3


After the initial break-in period, you’ll now have the option to return Recore for a full refund up until night 120. If you don’t love your Recore, we’ll arrange to pick it up at no cost to you and refund you in full. Returned mattresses are either donated to charities or community organizations in your area or recycled.


Start Your 120-Night Sleep Trial

Frequently Asked Questions

What items qualify for the 120-night sleep trial?

Every Recore™ mattress you order qualifies for its own 120-night trial, provided you have not previously returned a Recore mattress in the past.

When does my sleep trial begin?

Your sleep trial begins on the day your new Recore mattress arrives at your home.

Do I need to use a mattress protector during my trial?

While not mandatory, we strongly recommend you use a protector as we cannot accept returns of mattresses that have been damaged or stained.

When can I return the mattress?

You can return your mattress at any time between nights 21 and 120 of your trial.

Why can't I return the mattress sooner?

It is common for some sleepers to take extra time to adjust to their new mattress. Because of this, we require that customers take at least 21 days to try their mattress before initiating a return.

Who will remove my mattress if I decide to return it?

We have a network of local movers, charities, and community organizations across Canada who will pick up your mattress from your home.

Do I have to pay for the return?


Will I receive a full refund after the mattress has been returned?

Yes, however, we cannot refund extra shipping fees or fees we incur when picking up your mattress from an address that is different than the original shipping address.


15-Year Warranty

Recore is protected under one of the most generous and comprehensive mattress warranties in Canada.


Free Returns

Risk-free, and we mean it. Returns are fast, free, and full. We will also arrange to pick up the mattress.


Made in Canada

Recore is entirely designed and assembled in Canada, made from many local materials by veteran mattress makers.


Champion Customer Care

Expert knowledge, readily available. Our Canadian-based support team is always ready to help you.

Maximum Comfort for Peak Performance


Don’t Put Off Good Sleep a Night Longer

Make a commitment to yourself to put overnight recovery as a top priority. A better sleep is just a click away.

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